What does a Drama about Spying have to do with Story Led Marketing? Part 1 – 013

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I love a good drama…but I can never switch off my marketing brain. When I recently watched a spy thriller called ‘Summer of Rockets’ by Stephen Poliakoff on the BBC I nearly got thrown out of the living room because I couldn’t stop myself from commenting on the mistakes that the hero, Samuel Petrukhin was making in the marketing of his big new invention.

(This wasn’t immaterial to the plot either because the fact that he couldn’t sell his invention put his business at risk and made him vulnerable to being turned into a spy…see how important successful marketing is!?)

Anyway, although I managed to bite my tongue for the remainder of the episodes, I couldn’t stop thinking about what he could have done differently, and so here we are… I’ve already incorporated Samuel and his story into one of my presentations and my masterclass programme, and I thought I’d share it with you too…

In this two-part show, I’m sharing his story, so that you can avoid the marketing mistakes he made and to show how I would have applied the story led marketing system to his product to create engagement, leads and sales.


What we’re going to cover in Part One:

  • Samuel’s product origin story.
  • Why his expert mindset stuffed up his marketing
  • How he failed to articulate the problem and position his product and what happened as a result
  • The steps you can take to avoid making the same mistakes

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