What Can Bad Jokes Teach Us About Successful Marketing? – 009

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People’s attention is one of the most precious commodities around today, and that’s why knowing how to get it can make you very rich…and why your Facebook feed is filled with ads from people claiming they’ve found the secret!

After studying direct response marketing and influencing tools and techniques for a number of years, combined with over 17 years of trying to get people to laugh at me, I too have discovered a few secrets to getting attention and I’m sharing them in this show.

If you want to get more sales and grow your business, understanding what is going to making people pay attention and how you go about it is critical.


What we’re going to cover:

  • The three triggers for getting people to take action
  • Which ones of those triggers are the most powerful.
  • How to use the most powerful trigger to get and keep attention
  • The importance of creating sexy hooks
  • How bad jokes can help your marketing success
  • The secrets to success

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