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Building your email list is one of the most critical activities for business growth and lead magnets, or freebies can be amazing for accelerating results with your list building. The only trouble is that if you get the lead magnet wrong, it can be a big waste of time and money and put off your prospective buyer.

I’ve made plenty of mistakes with lead magnets in my time, and in this episode, I want to share those with you so you can avoid them. I’ll also be explaining why you need to think strategically about how a lead magnet can best serve you and your customer. You’ll also get some ideas for possible lead magnets and a way that you can get them earning revenue for you.


What we’re going to cover:

  • Why building your email list is a critical business activity.
  • Why you need to think strategically about lead magnets.
  • The different strategies for using lead magnets.
  • The lesson from magazine gifts.
  • The impact of getting lead magnets wrong.
  • The two guiding stars for choosing your lead magnet.
  • Why you need to lead with your best thing.

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