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Again, and again I see people spending time and money to make their website look beautiful…agonising over each little detail to make sure it fully reflects them and their brand. Once that’s done, they think about traffic generation…they think about SEO and social media and even paid advertising…all to send people to see that beautiful website, so that their perfect prospect can buy what they have to offer.

So…you’re probably thinking what’s the problem with that?

Well…nothing… as long as on top of all of that they aren’t missing out the critical marketing strategy and content components, that take account of the full customer journey and guide the prospect to the sale. If you’re worried that might be you…fear not…in this episode, I’ll be helping you to identify any gaps you might have so that you can close them and achieve more marketing success in your business.


What we’re going to cover:

  • The vital pieces of the marketing puzzle that you might be missing.
  • The customer journey as you may never have considered it before.

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  • Martin Jarvis

    Great podcast Sarah. Thank you.
    I did indeed find myself saying ‘wooing’ out load, and it made me smile 🙂

    • Sarah Archer

      Thanks Martin…it’s a great word! 🙂

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