Two Game Changing Marketing Discoveries (Part 1) – 001

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Marketing isn’t easy, but it can be simpler. When I launched my first business, I took the traditional advice about what you need to do when you’re starting up, but it didn’t help me get what a new business… what any business needs… and that is customers. In lots of ways the marketing game has changed, the playing field is different, even from what it was 10 years ago… but there is one thing that hasn’t changed, there is one thing that remains constant for success in marketing…and that is what I am sharing with you in this episode.

If our paths haven’t crossed yet, my name is Sarah Archer, I’m founder of Story Led Marketing, a business coach, speaker, comedian, playwright and author. I’m also the host of another podcast called ‘The Speaking Club’ where I help people increase the impact of their public speaking. As I write The Speaking Club has been going for just over a year, is in 108 countries and the feedback has been great. I want to give people the same engaging content and value with the Story Led Marketing podcast and it will be great to share this journey with you.

What I share:

  • Why my first business failed.
  • The epiphany I had after I returned to my corporate job.
  • What all the biggest brands and entrepreneurs have in common.
  • The mistake so many people make in their sales and marketing message.
  • Your biggest asset for acquiring customers.

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